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Production of advertising constructions (Press Wall, Roll-Up, Lightbox) for May 9th, the Victory Day

Prefabricated construction (JOKER system) for May 9th, only a PVC fabric is changing.
Prefabricated construction (JOKER system) for May 9th, only a PVC fabric is changing. Press wall stand or brand wall is a collapsible design in the form of a banner on a frame of chrome pipes 25 mm. Stands are used for decoration of holidays, photo zones, business events (press conferences, exhibitions, presentations and other important ceremonies). Universal equipment - the joker system, has been successfully used to create designs of any degree of complexity. Installation is easy on any surface. The banner is mounted on a chrome pipe using plastic ties or rope. Construction assembly time is 20 min.
Light construction for the Victory Day, only the image changes.
Novelty in the field of thin light panels. The main advantage is a quick and convenient change of information, which is realized due to the fact that the product is equipped with a removable frame on magnets, so that changing the image does not require tools, special knowledge and skills. Illumination is carried out by a LED strip. For uniform light scattering, acrylic glass is used with a special matrix deposited on its surface. To change the poster, the front panel is removed using a vacuum suction cup, which ensures anti-vandalism of the light panel.
Roll-Up construction for May 9th, only the content is changing.
The classic, most popular and familiar budget version is a mobile stand of a roller type. The design is simple and reliable at all times. A photo canvas (made of PVC fabric or poster paper with lamination) is pulled out of a metal case standing on the floor and fixed on a vertical folding rack, which is mounted to the base of the stand. The housing of the stand is equipped with two folding legs to increase stability. In the transport position, the canvas of the stand is reliably protected by the metal housing of the stand, additionally packed in a bag.
Advertising and decorative cubes for the Victory Day

Advertising and decorative cube is a three-dimensional plastic product with a full-color image, used to create decorations, art objects, photo zones and promotions.

Cubes for decor have lightness and high stability, PVC plastic is strong and resistant to external influences, and the mass is in many times lower than structures made of other materials. Advertising and decorative cubes are like a constructor, so you can assemble anything you like from it, depending on the imagination or concept of the event. This type of advertising construction can be used in the form of a stand, which will turn it into an original coffee table or a bollard with a branded surface for your event or promotion.

Production material: 5 mm PVC plastic, pasting with German Orajet film, bright 720 dpi wide format printing with glossy or matte lamination.

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