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Products for registration on may 9, Victory Day in the great Patriotic War

Placards, posters for May 9, Victory Day

A wide choice of placards for Victory Day, available in A4, A3, A2, A1 formats, as well as the production of posters for May 9 in any non-standard sizes with a possibility of changing the layout (adding your company logo, individual greetings, etc.). Placards are made on glossy paper with a density of 115 g.m. posters are printed on paper with a density of 150 g.m. You can buy a poster for the holiday both wholesale and retail. They are suitable for decorating showcases, windows and entrance groups.
Poster «Belarusian operation»

Poster «Belarusian operation»

Артикул: ПЛ-604
Poster «Baltic Operation»

Poster «Baltic Operation»

Артикул: ПЛ-607

Wall newspapers for the Victory Day: congratulatory, historical, thematic

Perhaps one of the most popular formats for congratulating veterans are the wall newspapers for the Victory Day. Practicality of usage, inexpensive cost, multifunctional use, multidimensionality are just some of the advantages of wall newspapers in relation to other printed materials. In addition, in school and preschool institutions, children themselves draw various kinds of posters, thus raising patriotism and respect for the ancestors who gave them a peaceful sky above their heads.

In the company «MEGA-ART» wall newspapers for the May 9 can be purchased in various formats and designs, and for more skilled clients we will develop an individual design according to the technical specifications. A team of professional designers will draw a mock-up of wall newspapers for Victory Day with a feeling, make the necessary changes.

Congratulatory newspapers themselves are very practical, as they are made of poster paper with a density of 150 g / m2, which, with the proper level of operation and storage, will provide the use of wall newspapers for the Victory Day for many years.

Stickers for May 9 (30x30, 40x40, 50x50, 60x60 cm, in any arbitrary size), printing on magnetic vinyl

Printing stickers for the Victory Day on matte, glossy, transparent film or on magnetic vinyl. Interior and UV printing is possible. Stickers for May 9 are widely used to decorate windows and shop showcase for May 9. Creation of stickers for the Victory Day is possible in a standard size, or in any arbitrary order. Production time is 1 business day after payment.

Sticking, showcase dressing for May 9th

Corner showcase sticker is used for the original design of shop windows, pavilion. Standard size 1x1 meter, interior printing on matte or glossy film. Production time is 1 business day after payment of the order. Pickup is available st. Avtozavodskaya 21 or courier delivery.

Pin-back buttons with or without the Sankt-Georgs-Band for May 9th

Pin-back buttons with a diameter of 56 mm for May 9, with or without the Sankt-Georgs-Band - an actual souvenir for decoration on the Victory Day. The price of the badge with a ribbon is 60 rubles, without a ribbon 35 rubles.

Sankt-Georgs-Band, tricolor

Postcards for May 9th, Victory Day in Great Patriotic War.

Postcards for May 9th to the Victory Day in horizontal and vertical execution with the proposed design. It is possible to produce cards for May 9th, taking into account individual wishes. The standard format for postcards: A-6, A-5, 200x100 mm. - Euro format. The May 9 postcard is printed on paper with a density of 300 grams., printing is possible both on one side and on both sides. Production time in a standard format is 2-3 business days after order payment.

Stick flags for the Victory Day

Soldier side caps for May 9th

Demo banners for May 9th, the Victory Day

Production of demo banners for May 9 according to the proposed or individual design. The proposed products are made according to order on plastic or vinyl, which allows you to use it both indoors and outdoors in any weather. Production time is 1 business day after payment for the order.

About the holiday of May 9th, the Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War

MEGA-ART company offers the following elements of the festive decoration for May 9th, Victory Day:

- placard for design of showcases and entrance groups

- banner and billboards for decorating building facades and interior design

- greeting card, both with the proposed design, and with an individual design

- sticker and window sticking for showcases and windows decoration

- State symbols (flag, coat of arms)

- individual decoration with balloons for May 9th

- copy of the Victory Troop flag (Victory flag)

About the Victory Day celebration on May 9.

Day of military glory of Russia is the Victory Day of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 years.

For decades, the Victory Day on May 9 remained the most touching, the most soulful holiday of the country. No other holidays can compare with him.

A veteran in orders, leading by a hand of a grandson, is a symbol of the strength of the Fatherland, a strong bond of generations. It is on the May 9th that we somehow especially feel pride for our history and want to believe that we will overcome all troubles. After all, our country has a great history and great victories.

But May 9th is not only a holiday of Russia and the former Soviet republics. Let us remember the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Victory in Moscow on May 9, 2005. The veterans of the Great Patriotic War from many countries and the leaders of the leading countries of the world arrived in Moscow. They stood on Red Square and applauded the Great Victory. Our victory. Both the American president and European leaders applauded.

In many former Soviet republics and countries of the “Eastern bloc”, an essentially targeted policy is being pursued to falsify history, to belittle and even denigrate the feat of the Soviet soldier who liberated the world from fascism.

May 9 – Victory Day is a holy day for each of us and we, today's citizens of the country, are obliged to convey the memory of the Victory, the very traditions of celebrating the Victory Day into the future.

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